5 Min Strategy Trade


This strategy is optimized for 5 minute trading style. Strategy include follow indicators and template: 1. Fiji Trend_alerts 2. smFisherTransform3 3. Solar Winds joy 4. Template – 5 min strategy trade Strategy is not miracle, but if you follow simple rules you can make 20 pips a day in average. Buy signal – buy rules 1. When you get M30 Fiji green signal. 2. Solar wind joy is green. 3. sm fisher Zero is top is blue. 4. m15 Fiji green. When all signals agree you should enter buy trade Sell signal – sell rules 1. When you get M30… Continue reading

AFL Winner


This is oscillator based MT4 indicator, AFL Winner is going to show you exact trend. You can easily use this info to enter and profit. I like to use it… Continue reading

TMA Non-repainting Trend Indicator


Great Non-repainting Trend indicator for trend follow trading strategies. I would recommended this indicator only for experience traders. Download Non-repainting Trend Indicator