AutoTrendLines – Automated Trendlines MT4 Indicator

AutoTrendLines - Automated Trendlines MT4 Indicator

AutoTrendLines – Automated Trendlines MT4 Indicator is the most popular TrendLines indicator ever. Whichever trading system or strategy you use, you must watch trendlines. If you don’t, they will work against your trade.

If you use AutoTrendLines you will never miss the right trendlines setup. Indicator draws excellent and precise trendlines (with channels -shows trendlines together with channels), works in all time frames, all currency pairs. It’s nice and simple tool for every profitable trader.

It helps you to quickly analyze the market on the different timeframes and find some figures such as triangles, flags, etc…

Advanced Trendlines MT4 Indicator


  1. Chris says

    Hi Please can you send me this AutoTrendLines – Automated Trendlines MT4 Indicator and guidelines on how to use it, I do not have it in the list of Indicators that I have.

    Many Thanks.

  2. dave onye says

    Hello, I am looking for the Automated Trendlines MT4 Indicator, i have double searched for it in the data base but cannot find it. I would be really appreciate it if you could send it to me.

    Thank you for the wonderful indicators


  3. Olutayo Popoola says

    Please make this automated trendline available for download..
    Thank you and God bless you, Amen
    I sincerely appreciate this great collection of forex trading indicators.
    May God reward you with great and prosperous blessings.
    Thank you.

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