Brain Trend MT4 Indicator


Brain Trend1Sig indicator combines ATR and Stochastic oscillator. Most of the indicators generate false signals when there is not enough movement, volume in the market. ATR acts as a magic filter in the formula and protects forex traders from whipsaws.

Stochastic oscillator is used to identify to overbought and oversold levels to determine possible retracements and reversals.

How to Trade With Brain Trend1Sig:

Buy Signal:
-Wait for a blue dot to appear below the price bar.


Sell Signal:
-Wait for a pink dot to appear above the price bar.


Brain Trend MT4 Indicators – If you try to detect trend changing this is right indicator. Every time when market try to pull on other side this indicator will alert you.

Download Brain Trend MT4 Indicator


  1. sanjay prajapat says

    its not running providing error……….
    “using of decompiled source code is prohibited ”

    Kindly provide fresh copy.

  2. Dave says


    I just update download link, with fresh copy of Brain Trend Indicator. Please try now. Also you need to extract file before you install it.

    Thanks for report this bug.

    Best regards

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