Faizumi fx Trading System – MT4 Indicators and Template

Faizumi FX Trading System MT4 Indicators Template

Faizumi fx Trading System
Made 1380 pips in just three weeks trading.

We test this trading system for three weeks, on picture above you can see last week signals. System produce 18 signals, 15 winners and 3 loser in 21 day, 1380+ pips total. Most traders use 4H and D1 time frames, but we are day traders so we trade most systems and strategies at 1H time frames. As usually we use very primitive entry rules (nothing fancy).

Simple trading rules:
Buy: When Goldminer, Sniper Trend and Bollinger Bands (chart indicator) are blue.
Sell: When Goldminer, Sniper Trend and Bollinger Bands (chart indicator) are red.

Faizumi fx Trading System Include:

Bollinger Bands_Stop_v2 .ex4
Heiken Ashi.mq4
Heiken Ashi Smoothed_v2.ex4
faizumi-fx v2.2.tpl – Template

How to setup Faizumi fx Trading System:

1. Past all ex4 and mq4 files in “indicators” directory MetaTrader platform.
2. Faizumi fx Trading System Template paste in “template” directory in your MetaTrader platform.
3. Restart your platform and then load “Forex Profit System.tpl” from MetaTrader panel.

We strongly suggest you to trade on demo before you learn how to use it.

Note: We don’t use “Kuskus_Starlight.mq4″ Indicators signal in this strategy.

Download Faizumi fx Trading System


  1. Pietro says

    Thanks for this new strategy,

    but I don’t see the EA to execute (in demo…) my test.

    In your files there are only indicators and template…



  2. ILIE says

    Hy,I have a problem why when I add this system to my mt4 on it apprear also fractal ind”i cant see it here in description”

  3. alright says

    Hi. I tested it on 1 min bars to see if it repaints and I’m afraid it does… I could provide pics if you want

  4. Shane O'Sullivan says

    I have been subscribed to this site for a while but why is there always such a struggle to actually download any of the systems?
    The hyperlink brings me straight back to the same page where there is no actual download link. I was following an email re the Faizumi system, but it is not the first time.
    Is there an actual link to be able to download the system?

  5. Fran says

    I have downloaded the indicator and template follow your instruction. After I restart platform, I cannot see faizumi-fx v 2.2.tpl in the platform temple. Could you help me how can thought out this problem. Thank

  6. Elite says

    “I’ve instaled the strategy, now i’m gonna test it. And i think that the rules named are opposite, you buy when is blue and sell when is red…”

    Yes rules are opposite, I fix it. Thanks

  7. youri says

    Hi i’m currently testing the indicators, but don’t get the buy and sell signal appearing on the chart, should i change an option?


  8. Didier says

    Can you please clarify the middle line of the “Kuskus_Starlightv2″… I am a bit confused between the example given and the real graphs. Do you consider the middle line and the signal line or not ?

    Thanks to clarify.

  9. Elite says

    I don’t use “Kuskus_Starlightv2″ at all. Kuskus_Starlightv2 doesn’t fit to this strategy. I include it because someone could find it useful.


  10. Lemu says

    Its a really nice strategy.
    Could you tell me how to use the fractals in the template.



  11. Ethan says

    I’ve actually found the fractals helpful in determining stop loss levels and figuring out the strength of a trend while managing a trade. I haven’t been using fractals only, but they have been helpful. Just a thought.

  12. kzym says

    Hi everyone,
    i just download this Faizumi fx Trading System on 30/3/2011.
    I was used it in GBP/USD pair,and i got 163 pips for 2 days.(30/3-31/3)
    That a lot of pips for a newbies like me.(:
    Can i use this Trading System for another pair?
    Could you suggest to me?

    *be patient and follow the rule(:

  13. g-tech says

    thanks for sharing,just wanted to know on the 1hr time frame what is you stop loss and take profit target(pips) and what is the exit strategy you use?

  14. jim says

    just to keep up the updates just made another 1018.00 usd
    great freebie had a couple small losses but nothing major thanks again

  15. Muhammad Awais says

    really great. im testing it on my live account thanks alot for this great system, all my orders are in green and made some good profit after so long im back on track thanks to this great system.

    @ jim im using it on h4 what tp and sl you suggest ? and what trail stop you use. please do let me know your experience with it and setting you use.

    Thank you all.

  16. Dazza says

    Good to see some positive comments. I just started with this indicator today and am quite impressed, although a bit impatient with the 1 Hr chart. Anybody had much luck using the 30min chart?

  17. James Gregory says

    just a fast update went short on the eur/usd 5/3/2011 i trade just the signals and as of right now my profit is 4560.00 as far as my trading strategy goes i enter the trade and let it go a bit until i set my stop loss at entry and just let it run i buy on the signal and sell on the signal but i use an entry stop loss for where ever i enter the trade so i dont lose anything and i also use a 4 hour chart just like it says please feel free to e-mail me at the following address if you have any questions this is a killer system and when i first started with it my losses were very small


  18. Stanislaw Ziolkowski says

    Ive being trading for over a year now and I tried many systems, indicators,signals. I was not very successfull so far, when I 1st saw this system I was a bit sceptical. Im using it since last friday and I made 1000 pips so far, its truly amazing system, what I like the most about it is that it let you stay in the trade for much longer than other systems. I trade EU, GU and GN mostly.
    Whoever made this system thank you very much, its absolutely fantastic!
    Many pips to all of you.

  19. AQUILES says

    Buenos días a todos, he adquirido el sistema Faizumi a ver que tal me va. Quería haceros dos preguntas, ¿Por favor, en que Time va mejor “1h o 4h”? y ¿Que take y stop le poneis?.
    Muchas gracias y suerte para todos.

  20. Alexander Dankov says

    it is a nice trading strategy but too much false signals in the lower time frames like even 1H, 4H. i`m using it only for trading daily trends and sometimes i leave my trades going on for weeks. i dont know if starlight is not useful on lower time frames but it is a must on a daily charts.

  21. james gregory says

    found a website that you can use to track all your trades and it keeps a trading journal with all your wins and losses for the day week or month and gives you all the relevant information like roe and winning trades and losses and a very concise record keeping area that is done for you automatically very good to use with the Faizumi trading system

  22. jules says

    when i get the buy and sell popup alerts it is just some gibberish text i can’t decipher? anyone else have similar issues?

  23. Stephan says


    i´m interested in hearing about some experiences or results about this system and how you use the system?

    Thanks Stephqan

  24. dave onye says

    i just started to use this system. pretty good so far, trumps anything i have used in the past, i like it’s simplicity. Anyone still using it, please share your updates to the system or advices. Thanks

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