Forex Trading System X – EMA, MACD MFT, BBands and RSI Based Forex Strategy

Copy the Forex Trading System X files and run MetaTrader 4, open EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF or any other major pair that you want to trade. Set chart time frame to 30 mins and apply the template:



Forex Trading System X – EMA, MACD MFT, BBands and RSI based Forex Strategy looks complex when you see plenty of indicators on your chart but in fact it is very simple to follow. You can use 25 pips stop-loss and 25 pips take profit orders. When you are in a profitable trade, you may choose partial closing and let the rest run with a 15 pip trailing stop.

Forex Trading System X rules:

Buy when all indicators turn to blue and price candle is green color.
Sell when all indicators turn to red and price candle is purple color.

Let me show you this chart so that you can understand what I mean:



I told you it was very simple, it really is. There are also other useful things on the charts so use them as well. You can also set your T/P and S/L targets according to support and resistance levels. You can check the market hours, very handy template.

Download Forex Trading System X – EMA, MACD MFT, BBands and RSI based Forex Strategy Indicators and Templates
Download Include:

  • trading-system-x.tpl
  • Bar Trend.ex4
  • BBands_Stop_v1_BAR.ex4
  • Clock v1_2.ex4
  • DailyData.ex4
  • EJ_CandleTime.ex4
  • EMA Crossover Signal.ex4
  • FerruFx_Multi_info+_light_chart_v1.1.ex4
  • FLATTRAND_w_MACD_mtf.ex4
  • RSI div.ex4


  1. Nathan says

    Thank you Cesar! We’re making efforts to make quality and useful content for all of you guys interested in Forex. If you have a wish to see something let us know and we’ll see to it.

    Happy trading!

    • Dave says

      It’s really tricky part of any strategy. You need to overview daily high & low of current and few last days in market. So you can get idea what you can expect from market, if you are good in “reading news” that is one more think which can help you.

      Let’s say you are check few daily high/lows and you expect 100 pips move, you can exit/take profit at 60-70% of your expectation. You can also use 2-3 take profit levels so you can protect your profit and so on.

      I hope you can benefit from this tips.


  2. Leonidas Reynolds says

    struggling to replicate the example chart…when all files are loaded I am not seeing market time data yo the lower right hand side of the screen and additionally this is returning a looped error where I am seeing a pop-up saying cannot convert htm – can you advise?

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