JJN Bee, Nugget, BigTrend and Scalper MT4 Indicators

This is JJN series of MT4 indicators.

JJN Bee MT4 Indicator

This is scalping based indicator, The best time-frame is M5. You will get after you get signal you will need to take action. There is three types of signals:
Buy, Sell and Wait.

You can see buy signal on chart below. You will see green arrow (entry trade), red dot is stop lose, green is take profit. Simple as that.
If you get sell signal (red arrow), red dot is for stop lose, green dot is take profit level. Simple as that.

JJN Bee Indicator

 JJN BigTrend MT4 Indicator

This is standard trend indicator, just choice time-frame and you will get trends for most of currency pairs.

JJN BigTrend

JJN Nugget Indicator

Simple, this indicator provide buy and sell signals, in chart bellow we get sell signal.

JJN Nugget

JJN Scalper MT4 Indicator

You will get sell, buy or wait signals in left top corner as you see on image below. If you get sell signal as image below you will see take profit, stop lose and entry trade level. It’s really simple. If you have any question leave comment and I will explain you everything.

JJN Scalper

Download JJN Bee, Nugget, BigTrend and Scalper MT4 Indicators


  1. mike olson says

    about jjn bee, nugget, trend, and scalper, what is the best time frame to use? does it work on all majors such as usdchf? also do i enter market price or pending order? using mt4, there is always spread, say 2.0 bid/ask, so how to use all the jjn indicator if there is spread involved to scalp for profit?

  2. rohit says

    is the nugget & scalper one based on movin gavgs + atr combo!
    if nt, pls tell me the logic. its ok if u dont give the settings.

  3. Elite says

    I really don’t know, I’m not coder

    @ mike olson
    I thing you should use M5 time-frame. Usually I trade usd/eur, the best advice is to trade with pairs which you are the most familiar.

    Just calculated spread and decide is there worth of trading.

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