Linie Wsparcia Oporu v2 – Automatic TREND LINES MT4 Indicator

Trendlines are straight lines which connect the tops and the bottoms of the currency pair at a choose duration. Since the price reversed at these points before, future projections can be made. The length of successful trendlines increases its strength.

Linie Wsparcia Oporu v2 indicator helps forex traders to notice when a trendline breakout occurs.  Trading according to tredline breakouts may have a high winning rate.

How To Trade With Linie Wsparcia Oporu v2:

Buy Signal: Wait for a bullish breakout to occur (price breaks above the red trendline).

Sell Signal: Wait for a bearish breakout to occur (price breaks below the green trendline).

Linie Wsparcia Oporu v2


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