Mandrake System

Forex market, like any other market, works in a very simple way. It accumulates in a certain area for awhile, and once the accumulation is over, it advances to a certain distance until distribution starts. Some technical analysts say that Relative Strength Index and Stochastic Oscillator are the trading tools which a trader simply can’t live without.

Traders usually suffer when the market is flat. Their indicators may give false signals due to lack of volume-volatility. Mandrake system works on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and AUD/USD. You can use any short-term time frame depending on your trading style but I prefer M15 charts.

Please have a look at the chart below:

mandrake system

Important things to remember before you use this system to trade:

• Be careful if there is a strong support(or resistance) nearby.
• Do not trade right before an important data release.

Trading Rules:
Buy Signal:
-EMA Angle must be green
-All Mandrake indicators have to be dark blue.

Sell Signal:
-EMA Angle must be yellow
-All Mandrake indicators have to be red.

Here is another example:

Profit Target: 25-30pips.
Stop Loss: 20 pips.

Download Mandrake System indicators and templates

Download include:

  • MA_Angle.ex4
  • Mandrake iTrend1.ex4
  • Mandrake RSI.ex4
  • Mandrake Stochastic.ex4
  • mandrake system.tpl


  1. forexchoice gh says

    great system I use it for binary options cause am interested in next candle as you know and it works perfect I give 5 stars

    • Kieran Noel says

      Hello Kev,
      I do hope this will help you. First of all you will need to close down your MetaTrader4 platform.
      Next, after clicking on the Mandrake System Indicators and Template download link you will see a folder with the name mandake-system. Click on it and five files will open up. These files will have to be extracted to either your desk-top or documents folder.
      1) MA_Angle.ex4
      2) Mandrake iTrend.ex4
      3) Mandrake RSI.ex4
      4) Mandrake Stochastic.ex4
      5) Mandrate system.tpl

      Here is what you should do next.
      1) Extract each of these files by right clicking on each file and selecting ‘Extract to the specified folder’ . Click on that and an Extraction path an options box will open up.
      2) Next click on Desk top which appears at the top and press the ‘OK’ button.
      3) Check your Desktop and there you will see your mandake –system
      4) You will now need to copy and paste all the files to your brokers platform.
      5) Copy all the files only with the ex4 extension to your indicators folder.
      6) Here is what to do.
      7) Click on Mycomputer, Click on Drive c,- Program Files and search for your Mt4 Broker there. My one is ‘Fxcm MetaTrader4’
      8) When you find your broker click on it and a page will open up
      9) You will then need to look for your Indicators folder , this might involve clicking on a few other folders before you find it.
      10) Next, paste your copied ‘ex4’ files to that page. There should be four altogether.
      11) Next, copy your last file which is the ‘mandrake system .tpl

      to your templates folder. You will see this folder when you open up your Brokers folder under Program Files.
      You should by now have copied all these files across:-
      Next, load up your brokers platform and at the top row next to a clock symbol is the Templates symbol, click on the arrow next to it and there you will see ‘Mandake system’
      All you have to do now is to click on it and this will load the system onto your chart.

      Good luck


    • Hercules Whocares says

      stop being an absolute novice, one of those idiots who puke on every thread but dont want to do a simple search! go do your research you imbecile, leave threads alone for only REVIEW OF SYSTEM comments!

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