Merdekarama Trading Strategy – MT4 Indicators and Template

Merdekarama Trading System MT4 Indicators and Template

Merdekarama Trading Strategy – MT4 Indicators and Template
580 pips in profit – last seven days

Last seven days we are testing “Merdekarama Trading Strategy” we profit 580+ pips from 6 traders. There are 5 wins and only 1 lose trade.

We are using very primitive trading rules for this strategy:

Buy signal: Wait until all indicators show you blue color.
Sell signal: Wait until all indicators show you red color.

You can improve your results including your rules as favorite session, money management etc.
We test strategy on EUR/USD pair, H1 time frame. You can use this strategy with any time frame, it works really great.

Merdekarama Trading Strategy include:

TraderWawasan Bands.ex4
TraderWawasan BT2sing.ex4
TraderWawasan HA.ex4
TraderWawasan HADM.ex4
TraderWawasan Indi Rantai.ex4
TraderWawasan MACD 2.ex4
TraderWawasan MACD.ex4
TraderWawasan TE v2.0.ex4
TraderWawasan time-4h-alerter.ex4
+ Merdekarama Template

How to setup Merdekarama stategy:

1. Past all ex4 files in “indicators” directory MetaTrader platform.
2. Merdekarama Template paste in “template” directory in your MetaTrader platform.
3. Restart your platform and then load “merdeka2008.tpl” from MetaTrader panel.

Download Merdekarama Trading Strategy


  1. cp says

    It seems like a very profitable system ;)
    Which indicator repainting?

    marius: I think it works fine on M15 and H1, on TF M1 there’s a lot of false signal

  2. Elite says

    As you can read we test strategy on H1, since we are intraday traders we don’t use M1, M5 timeframes.

    Try to test this strategy on your demo as intraday and post your results.

    Stops depends of market conditions and your experience. If you are newbie try to use fix stops.

    Trade exit is hardest part of every strategy, in case you are newbie here is simple tip for exit: “exit when any indicator show opposite signal”.

    Tip for everyone: “Learn price action”.

  3. shyla. says

    i short gbp usd today @ 15785 exit on 15736
    made 49 pips. now entered long on eur and short on chf . let me see how this works?

    i too confused where to put sl for these? probably pivots?

  4. Elite says

    This is great trend system, try to trade when you expect bigger movements, choice days with biggest daily range…
    This rules will make your strategy more profitable and you will reduce lose trades.


  5. shyla. says

    dear elite,

    my mt4 gives a bing song regularly and on experts TraderWawasan BT2sing.ex4 is shows it is loading on h4 for all pairs.
    i could not solve it
    pls. help me
    is it possible to make ea for this?

  6. Nathan says

    Nice strategy. The Traderwassan HA actually repaints though. So as is expected caution is needed. Haven’t done an extensive test yet.
    I use M15 TF, Set the Traderwassan HA to H1. Exit trade when Traderwassan HA changes colour. Works fine so far.

  7. !!!!bastawy!!!! says

    well..its not just a nice strategy its wonderful!
    nut i have some few tips here hope it gonna be useful. :)
    in order to refine and filter this signals to get the best ones and to get the almost 99.8% safe trade you have to add some indicators also available in this great site

    first:you add the simple in color trend to avoid getting in a trades against the trend
    second:you can add the super trend for the conformation of the signal
    third:you can add the eliot waves indicator for a longer position trades
    hope that my tips are useful for you
    and happy trade for everyone
    ….those tips were given after 1 week trading with this strategy and backtesting for 5 mounths…:)….

  8. says

    Hi bastawy

    Would you care to be more specific on the additional indicators please. Indi name and sets. I am running the system on demo on M15 TF on 4 pairs – EU, GU, AU and UJ. It looks good in review but I always seem to miss the entry. What would be great is if some kind person could code an entry alert when all colors line up for entry. I think it would make a good EA but I am a coding klutz so it would be up to one of the coding gurus to put it together.

  9. Tom says

    Looks like this could be a great strategy. Do you enter trades upon the close of the candles for a safe entry or is it best to enter immediately all indicators signal an entry?

  10. !!!!bastawy!!!! says

    hi scartree, hi tom
    for you scartree…the best pair is the EUR/USD and the chf is also fine cuz these pairs move in a swing trends not shoppy and scary like the gbp and jpy
    second you better use the 1H if you are an intraday trader like you wanna get your profit during the day or you can use the 4H if you trade for more time..but i strongly recommend the 1H to avoid some false signals
    third…the trading strategy is great, i use a strategy similar to it but i turned to this one cuz i loved it:D but wait there is still a problem …the false signals
    you can avoid the false signals by two methods
    first you can add an indicator like ADX to know how strong is the trend and to buy from dips and sell from tops and avoid the signals that are against the trend and only trade with the trend …dont get involved in a counter trend trade unless the trend is exhausted as you’ll see in the adx
    second: you can use an indicator available in your database if you’d downloaded it from this site’s homepage called: simple colored moving avarage and apply it on the chart better than the ADX and it has 3 colors: the red for downtrend and green for uptrend and yellow for sideway
    you gotta sell on red and buy on green and stand aside on yellow. this indicator will help you determine weather the signal is false or true
    the second indicator you add is the supertrend indicator also available in the database of the site you’ll find it at the top of the homepage. apply it on your chart and this indicator will be your confirmatory signal
    it has two colors the green and the red and ofcourse buy on green and sell or red
    if the strategy gave you the order to buy or sell you’ll see the colored moving average the same color and wait for the confirmatory signal on the supertrend…it will cost you 10-30 pips to confirm…but it will avoid all the false signals you might get…
    so a quick review…add the simple color MA for another signal on the chart and that makes your signal 80-90% valid and true and use the super trend to make it almost 100% true and valid and go party for the pips you’ll take out of this trade and dont forget to get me some:):):)

  11. !!!!bastawy!!!! says

    and for you tom first, trade on a demo account ofcourse to master it second you use the 1H timeframe recommended and EUR USD and USD CHF best pairs but eur is better ofcourse….
    second as i said i prepare to enter the trade when the trade setup and gives the order to enter…and i wait for the confirmatory signal on the supertrend indicator to enter the trade…..but if the super trend indicator did not confirm it by changing its color dont risk the trade…you better to wait for it to get the 100% safe trade
    and for the stop and exit i noticed that all the safe trades i did got 80-200 pips so when i get the 50 pips out of the trade i start the trailing stop 30 pips and sometimes i get the all 200 pips if it was a strong trend
    but my advice is to enter the trade as early as possible and open 2 trades one with a tp 50 pips and the other is for 200 pips and only modify the open positions and apply the trailing stop after the first trade hits the tp
    and for the stop loss ….till now i didnt use it but i think its better to use it and calculate it as the lowest low of the last 5 or 6 bars and it will be like 30-50 pips but i never hit that stop loss so have fun and party for the pips and go work and forget about the open position and have a nice trade buddy…:) btw sorry for my poor English!am not american:)
    and if you wanna any help just ask me

  12. joss says

    Looks great and it is! Thanks for sharing this stuff!
    I have one question, is how possible to get “alert” on email or better on GTalk, Yahoomsn,… when indicator VE v2.0 hit the target?


  13. !!!!bastawy!!!! says

    man common!forex was never as easy as what we doing here and you want to get an alert on email hell no! comon spend time and make money its not a game man!

  14. says

    I am trying to download indicators from the site but I am always directed back to the signup page. I have signed up but I still cannot get the indis. Can you tell me how you did it?
    Thanks Karl

  15. says

    Sorry. The indicators had been sent but Yahoo had sent the file to spam – which I do not check very often.

    I do not have an Eliott Wave indicator. Is that on this site?

  16. !!!!bastawy!!!! says

    yea there is Eliott wave indicator but its not very useful you can use it only to confirm that you are having a long trend to maximize your profits

  17. Belinda says

    I am speechless at the accuracy of the system. I have a very urgent question though. I am willing to pay for you (whoever can do it?) to program an email alert on the 4Hr Alert. Thank you so much and God bless all your efforts.

  18. !!!bastawy!!! says

    well belinda i searhed for that and i tried to develop a system like giving sms or allerts on mailbox when a trade is setup but i think its not gonna happen but for now am working on it to make an expert advisor and trade automatic i’ll see what can i do and i’ll post it when i finish it

  19. scartree says

    Hi bastawy
    I am surprised that there appears to be so little interest in this system as I think it has great potential. There is an EA available which I have installed but I have been unable to get it to take a trade. I do not know how to code in this language so I cannot work out why it will not function. I have found a site with the mq4 files for most of the indicators but not for the EA. The only indi I have not found source code for is TraderWawasan BT2sing. Let me know if you would like me to post these source code files.

    Have you had any success in writing an EA which you mentioned to Belinda above? I would be very interested in helping you test anything you produce as I believe this is a good system.

    I am not good at trading longer TFs (H1 upwards) as I always seem to be late to get the signal. There is a signal in one of the indis but it is annoying as it continues to beep on every incoming tick as PA hovers around the signal price. I have turned it off. It would be great if it would just beep once when the signal is touched. Automatic trade would be even better!!

    Karl (aka scartree)

  20. fxtobi says


    i am currently testing the system.. it would be great if you could add an email alert function with MT4 :)



  21. fxtobi says


    if i change the do i have to change the indicator time settings? If for 1h timeframe the Traderwasan HA period is 4 hours then it must be 1 hour four 15min and 1day for 4 hour timeframe? What about the MACD2? Do I switch to 15min on the 15min timeframe then? How is the stochastics used in this strategy?



  22. Carmen says

    I have just installed the system. Thanks for putting at disposition this system.
    There is constantly a sound, about every second. I had to put the sound of the computer off.
    This is happening when I load the template merdeka 2008.
    What can be done? Is there any way to put the sound off?


  23. demalichcha says

    Hi Carmen,

    Go to the indicators list
    Double click on TraderWawasan TE v 2.0
    Set value as 0 in Warning Mode

  24. Ned says

    Hi bastaway & others!

    I have just installed the indicators. Do I have to manually adjust various indicators or leave them as they are? For instance, Trader Wawasan HA is set at H4. Since I am trading on 1H time frame should I adjust this indicator?

  25. Didier says

    Hi everyone, I would like to know what indicator settings we need to modify if we trade on other TF than H1. For instance, if I want to trade on M15, should I chance the settings on MACD2 only ? Thanks to clarify this point.

    Otherwise, great strategy indeed. – thanks for the very good job

  26. Denis says


    It would be great if someone could program sound alert for trader wawasan Indi Rantai indicator.
    I have both ex4 and mq4 files.
    Anybody willing to do that.


  27. tonym says

    what does the “fat lady” sings mean-does this mean a reversal about to happen or more up or down movemnt?

  28. tracesteve says

    well done for the system, i have not been able to upload all the indicator files on the platform, only two of the indicators are in MQ4 format, the rest are in EX4. so how do i upload the EX4 on the meta trader 4 i am using?

  29. Topper says

    Are we supposed to get alerts when all 4 charts are the smae colour?
    If not then do we only trade when we get an alert (plus when the indicators mentioned by bastawy are correct)??

  30. Kenneth says

    I read the reviews on the site about the Merdekarama Trading strategy. I’d like to give it a try , how do I get the download instructions. Thanks.

  31. Duncan says

    Please could someone who understands please answer the Qs about what to change on the indicators if one is trading on other time frames that 1hr (eg on 4hr, or 15min)

    Thank you

  32. Stan says


    Could you add an alert to the system pls lets say when all indis are blue we get buy alert and when all are red we get sell alert? Its great system but without alert option it require constant monitoring.

  33. Abu Nawas says

    To Admin & everybody, Please, Can you ANSWER FXTOBI’S QUESTION (because, I have a same question it):

    if i change the do i have to change the indicator time settings? If for 1h timeframe the Traderwasan HA period is 4 hours then it must be 1 hour four 15min and 1day for 4 hour timeframe? What about the MACD2? Do I switch to 15min on the 15min timeframe then? How is the stochastics used in this strategy?



  34. yoyo says

    hello…I have a question for this strategy: do you wait to close the bar when you have a good signal on all indicators?…thanks in advance!

  35. SUNIL says



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