MAcrosses MT4 Indicator


MAcrosses indicator counts the percent of the moving averages above the defined slower moving average. When prices move under the effect of a strong trend, they increase their distance between the moving averages. As the price goes up (or down) moving averages of the pair follow the price action. MA crossovers are used to generate trading signals but they often generate false signals due to lack of calculated variables. Therefore the signals become noisy in ranging markets. MAcrosses indicator puts you in the right direction when the trend is strong and confirmed. If the MAcrosses indicator reaches to 100%, that… Continue reading

STALIN MT4 Indicator


Stalin indicator is another moving average cross over indicator which generates trading signals. However it offers a better solution to forex traders because different than other similar indicators it has… Continue reading

FractalsTrend MT4 Indicator


Fractals Trend indicator helps forex traders to find trend line breakouts. Trend line breakouts are proven to be profitable and therefore used widely. You can use this indicator with another… Continue reading