Searching For Pivot Point Indicator

Pivot Point IndicatorSince I noticed we have got plenty of members who fancy pivot points trading method, I am dedicating this article to summary of all the pivot point indicators that you can find on FMTI. Stay tuned as there is more coming up!

Before you have a look at the list, I recommend you to take a look at the website – Pivot Point indicator – a small online venture dedicated to pivot points up and down the topic (download page). You can find PP trading basics, explanations how pivots are calculated or download basic and custom pivot point indicators.

This is a list of indicators we have published so far:

Pro4x Pivot Lines Pro4x Pivot Lines

This indicator version shows pivots on daily high-low and close price basis. Besides standard support and resistance levels, this indicator also shows medium points.



Daily Pivot ShiftDaily Pivot Shift

Daily Pivot Shift MT4 Indicator – the main levels can be calculated based on shifted beginning of day. Thus it is possible to calculate levels using local time, instead of server time. For example, GMT-8.




SDX TzPivotsSDX-TzPivots Pivot Points

This version of pivot point indicator calculates the pivots on a time-zone basis. For more information visit SDX TzPivots.

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