SK-Days of Week Indicator

SK-Days of Week Indicator

SK – Days of Week loads the days on candlesticks. Simply launch the indicator on your chart and you will get the first candle written up for the particular day. If you set the daily chart as shown on the screenshot, each candle represents a single day.

Following example illustrates how indicator loads the beginning of each day. H4 time frame has been loaded on the chart. The beginning of the day has been tagged at the first candle opened that day, the next day is loaded for the candle that has been opened the following day, and so on.


Indicator makes a great pick for the traders who use strategies based on sessions, for intraday traders who follow-up with particular part of day at lower time frames, and so on. In case you are a day trader then you can easily figure out whether you could use such indicator or not.

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