Velocity Waves Is ZigZag Based Indicators Helps You To Analyse Waves At Market!


Take a look chart above, it’s MT4 indicator called “Velocity Waves”. This indicator is ZigZag based and they will helps you to understand what is going on at market. Each wave comes with basic info such as: h-size, v-average volume, s-speed in pips/hour. Example below is the same pair EUR/USD on daily chart (1x zoom out). Zoom out will help you to get more clear picture of market for sure. Now you probably ask yourself how to trade with it. If you analyse our previous chart you will notice that price has reach top (resistance gray area on chart below)…. Continue reading

SSRC Trend Indicator

SSRC Trend Indicator

SSRC indicator is designed to identify the overbought and oversold zones similar to Stochastic indicator. When the indicator is above 0.75 level, that means the pair is now in overbought… Continue reading

FractalsTrend MT4 Indicator


Fractals Trend indicator helps forex traders to find trend line breakouts. Trend line breakouts are proven to be profitable and therefore used widely. You can use this indicator with another… Continue reading

Brain Trend MT4 Indicator


Brain Trend1Sig indicator combines ATR and Stochastic oscillator. Most of the indicators generate false signals when there is not enough movement, volume in the market. ATR acts as a magic… Continue reading

Trend Magic MT4 Indicator

Trend Magic MT4 Indicator

Trend magic is mainly based on the original Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator but it is combined with the Average True Range (ATR) indicator. This makes Trend magic indicator more… Continue reading