TDTL – Tom Demark Trend Lines Forex Strategy

TDTL – Tom Demark Trend Lines Forex Strategy (Tom Demark Price Pojection Trend Lines Strategy). We are going to explain you great trend lines strategy originally designed by Thomas DeMark. Tom is the founder and CEO of Market Studies, LLC and the creator of the DeMark Indicators. Mr. DeMark’s indicators are used in the market timing and technical analysis of financial markets. Some of his indicators include the following: Sequential, Combo, Range Expansion Index, D-Wave, TD Lines, Differential.

Tom Demark Trend Lines Strategy Intro

It’s impossible create quality technical analysis without trend lines. Today, all kind of traders use this simple tool (trend lines – all kind of indicators, some traders draw it manually) in their day trading technical analysis. Trend lines are highly accurate and profitable indicator if you understand how to draw it correctly, you should understand trend lines basics too.

If you familiar with Tom Demark Trend Lines indicator and basics you probably know how they are accurate. After Tom DeMark create this indicator most trader don’t draw trend lines manually anymore. Because Tom’s indicator is highly accurate and precise in drawing automated trend lines.

This indicator is resolve main problem! Most Forex traders draw different trend lines based on same information from charts. There are simple set of rules how to draw correct TL, if you follow rules you will draw it correctly, most traders don’t. But you can forget on manually drawing because we will give you great Trend Lines indicator.

Tom Demark Trend Lines MetaTrader Indicator Basics

Image bellow shows you Tom Demark trend lines indicator applayed on MetaTrader trading platform chart.

Tom Demark Trend Lines StrategyAs you can see there is a lot of “things” on chart below in next text we will explain you everything you should know about Tom’s trendline indicator.

1. Red circles – represent the most important points of the top price (resistance trend line), red trend line use it to draw perfect trend line.

2. Blue circles – represent the most important points of the bottom price (support trend line), blue trend line use it to draw perfect trend line.

3. Bold red line – resistance trend line

4. Bold blue line – support trend line

Tom Demark Trend Lines Explain

How to trade Tom Demark Trend Lines Forex Strategy?

Indicator will setup trend lines manually, when price break “3. Bold red line” or “4. Bold blue line” you will get arrow signal for buy or sell depending on what trend line is break.

For easier understanding check image below – Tom Demark Trend Lines When buy or sell signals.



Stop lose, Take profit Projection

Probably you are noticed few more lines on charts. Well,  there are two more lines on charts above, actually there are more lines.

Red line (Stop Lose) – you can use red line for stop lose (check two examples below).
Doted lines (Take Profit) – represent Take Profit lines, there are usualy more then one TP lines, it depend of your trading style are you use more then one (TP) Take Profit.


This forex strategy is based on “Ind TD DeMark 3.1″ MetaTrader indicator wich you can download below. There is few more version of Tom Demark Trend Lines indicators, you can use any of them (pick your favorite one).
We are collect few Tom Demark Trendline indicators and ebooks, they are free for download.

Download Tom Demark Trend Lines Indicators and ebooks
Download Include:

Tom Demark Trend Lines MetaTrader Indicators
1. Demark_trend_new.ex4
2. Demark_trend_new.mq4
3. Ind_TD_DeMark_3_1_LA_Mod_03B_AIME.mq4
4. Ind-TD-DeMark-3.mq4

Tom Demark Trend Lines eBooks
1. Tom Demark Price Pojection – Three PDFs
2. Drawing Objective Trendlines – PDF
3. TomDemark TrendLine Forum – PDF
4. TomDemark Trendlines Update – PDF


  1. LEO says

    Please let me if this Trendline Indicator can be used in trading ForexBinary options. As I neither have means nor the finance to trade other markets.

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