Trade Brain Forex Strategy

One of the best features of this trading system is that it never misses a big move. Once a big move is on its way, the system stops do a very good job in optimizing profit, yet keep you in the big move until the end.

Another feature of this system is that the stops change along with the market. The stop values are determined by the market’s prices objectively. When you enter the market, the stops will continuously indicate the optimal stops guiding you to lock in your profit, and to approach maximum profits step by step.

For day trading, it is suggested that use 1-hour or 30-minute bar charts. For position trading, it is suggested that use daily or 4-hour bar charts.

After you are done with copying necessary files to their places, run MetaTrader 4, open a chart (EUR/USD, GBP/USD or any other major pair that you want to trade) and apply the template which is provided with this tutorial. Change time frame to 30M and your chart will look like this:

Brain Forex Strategy
Brain Forex Strategy Overview and Rules:

Before I teach you how to trade with this system I would like to remind some basic trading rules:
1.  Don’t trade in non liquid time.
2.  Don’t use high leverage.
3.  Study the system and observe signals.
4 Follow the system.

Now I will explain how to trade by using this system:

Buy (long) conditions:
1.  Buy signal 1 generated.
2. Buy signal 2 generated.
3.  Bar color is Blue.

Sell (short) conditions:
1. Sell signal 1 generated.
2. Sell signal 2 generated.
3. Bar color is Red.

I am sure the chart below will make things clear for you:

Buy Sell Signals
Download Braing Forex Strategy Indicators and Templates:
Download Include:

  • brain-system.tpl
  • ##BreakOut_BOX_5
  • BrainTrend1
  • BrainTrend1Sig
  • BrainTrend1Stop
  • BrainTrend1StopLine
  • BrainTrend2
  • BrainTrend2Sig
  • BrainTrend2Stop
  • BrainTrend2StopLine
  • iPanel_Indicators.ex4


  1. Andreas Heppa says

    the indicators don´t work on mt4 build 645, the .tpl only shows asian session breakout boxes.


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