Volatility MT4 Indicator

Download Volatility MT4 Indicator

This is a very simple and yet informative indicator which measures the volatility of a currency pair based on a moving average derived from the low/high prices in that period. Without volatility, the market barely moves, we make the biggest profits when the market is moving fast. In addition, there are many systems which depend on price action.

If you try to find out if the currency pair is trending or just consolidating, you can use this indicator. Volatility decreases when the pair is consolidating and volatility increases when the movement starts to pick up some momentum.


Volatility MT4 Indicator – shows the current volatility in the market. Something like ATR, but more faster in showing current market volatility.


MaPriod – smoothing period
value – select the change level from gray to blue color, blue after gray means it’s time for trade.

Download Volatility MT4 Indicator


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